introducing the mighty risograph machine

The risograph printer is a digital duplicator invented in 1986 in Japan by the Riso Kagaku corporation. Its technology is very similar to that of a mimeograph machine, but was developed to print a high volume of copies very quickly and inexpensively. A risograph machine can print about 130 pages per minute! Risograph is highly economical, becoming cheaper with increasing volume and paling in comparison to the high cost of inkjet printing and most other commercial options.

This printer works using either a traditional copier scan bed or digitally via a parallel-to-USB cable, burning the image onto a master stencil with a thermal plate. The master stencil is then attached to a fast-rotating ink drum, which presses the image onto the page through the stencil. 

This process mimics traditional screen printing in that images must be processed a single color at a time, creating interesting variability and depth to the prints.

Because the ink is soy based, these prints are not archival and never fully "dry," but we believe part of their appeal is in their ephemeral nature and eternal smudginess. Risograph encourages experimentation, play and fun! There is little room for perfectionism in risography, but there is so much space for innovation and creativity. Come play and learn with us!

Our main machine is a RP3100UI with medium blue, bright red, orange, green, and black drum. We are currently souping up our GR3750.