Photographic Exercises: Re-imagining on Risograph

Photographic Exercises: Re-imagining on Risograph is a show produced in collaboration with Tijuana Zine Fest organizers, Luisa Martínez & David Peña.

October 21, 2018 the show opened at Out Here in Tijuana.

December 16, 2018 it reprised at Teros Gallery in San Diego.

Below is an excerpt of the FB event description:

“This exhibition asks local photographers to consider risograph printing as a way to re-imagine their work.

The Risograph (or Riso) is a relatively cheap to use printer, originally designed for high-volume printing or copying. Similar to the screen printing process you can only print a single color at a time; artwork must be split into color separated files, and prints must be passed through the machine multiple times to achieve a print with more than one color. Irregularities are a natural part of this printing process, which brings with it an inherent sense of experimentation and spontaneity.

Photographic Exercises: re-Imagining on risograph creates a space for photographers to consider play and constraint as a way to expand their work. Printing on the riso asks artists to give up a level of control, building on photography’s experimental possibilities as an exercise in the creation of new images.”

participating photographers:

Ana Andrade

Emilyo Arias

Yadira Avila

Melissa Castañeda

Oscar Castillo

Cat Coppenrath

Rebbeca Goldschmidt

J.S. Gulliani

Steven Jackson

Jo Kamimura

Luisa Martínez

Carlos Moreno

Sophie Montoya

Daniel Peña

Jim Platel

Elsa Solorio

Verbatim Books