Drew Andrews: The Shepherd's Journal

“Constantly seeking God in both the everyday and the esoteric, an obsessive and conflicted prophet known only as the Shepherd lives out his salvation under streetlights, in grand visions, and in the arms of others. These journals chronicle his experience as he struggles with divine calling and human need. The Shepherd's Journals is part poetic love letter, part prayer, and part feral howl against modern living. Its musical rhythm pulls readers in and guides them through an uneasy, spring-tension urban landscape.”

Matthew Binder: High in the Streets

“Matthew Binder is a former wastrel of the highest order. His work has drawn comparisons to Bret Easton Ellis, Norman Mailer, and James Salter. HIGH IN THE STREETS is his first novel.”

Yvette Bowlin: The Declutter Code: 10 Steps to Clarit

“Yvette Bowlin has always been a student of the mind. It started with her undergraduate and Master's work in Consumer Psychology and led to her studies of enlightenment and spirituality. Years of research and self-inquiry sent her down the path of discovering the root of our “clutter problem.” Her work has been featured on Huffington Post, Los Angeles Business Journal, several podcast interviews and more. From observing herself and others, Bowlin has pinpointed the reasons most people keep themselves stuck in sabotage, suffering, struggle, separation and stress. But we don’t have to stay stuck! Clutter stands in the way of peace, presence and clarity. Bowlin learned the 'art of hoarding' early on in childhood, and has since been meticulous about decluttering her life. She’s created a simple process for doing just that, outlined in The Declutter Code: 10 Simple Steps to Clarity. The underlying premise of her book, seminars and speeches is that the most effective way to declutter is from the inside out—starting with the mind! Also a certified yoga instructor, Bowlin enjoys helping others come into mind-body awareness to better facilitate deep decluttering.”

Ian Cuevas: The Street Photography of gumisforlovers in New York

Ben and Sandra Doller: The Yesterday Project

“The Yesterday Project is Sandra Doller and Ben Doller undertaking a blind collaboration: They each separately write a document recording the previous day, every day, for 32 days, without sharing their work. The collaboration took place over the summer of 2014 in the shadow of a diagnosis of life-threatening illness: Melanoma cancer, Stage 3. The resulting work is a declaration of dependence — a relentlessly honest chronicle of shared identity and the risks inherent in deep connection.”

Maggie Espinosa: On A Mission: An 800-mile Walk to Discover California's El Camino Real

“Recently, I laced up my Nike Pegasus and embarked on an 800-mile walk to discover California's 21 missions. I wasn't soul searching. I'm not an endurance athlete. I'm an ordinary 54-year old woman. Prior to launch, I invited friends, family, and members of the California Mission Walkers Facebook group to join me on any portion. A surprising number said yes, including a few people I'd never met. What ensued was the journey of a lifetime.”

Katherine Hon: Coming of Age Song

“Katherine Hon is editor and publisher of an award-winning coffee table book detailing the history of North Park, one of the earliest neighborhoods in San Diego, California. She is thrilled to release her first novel, Coming of Age Song, which is set in this unique community as well as late 19th century Denver, Colorado.”

Barry John Johnson: The Periodic Table of Spiritual Elements

“Barry John Johnson is the creator of The Periodic Table of Spiritual Elements ®. He has been a licensed counselor based in San Diego, California. He used to work as a high level bureaucrat in local government until he decided not to anymore. He likes helping people. He also likes meditation, yoga, writing, intuitive arts and independent spiritual studies.”

Ben Johnson: A Shadow Cast in Dust & Blood Silver

“I'm Ben Johnson, author of A Shadow Cast in Dust (Webworld book 1) and Blood Silver (Webworld book 2) out NOW on Grand Mal Press. A long time musician from San Diego, I've also worked at the Casbah, SD's long running rock club, for 19 years. I currently play in three bands in SD, and live in Golden Hill.The Webworld series is an urban fantasy based thriller focused on Earth Magic and Shamanism. I'm currently working on the third volume, entitled Children of the Web .”

Douglas Lathrop: Chaffs

“The day after Doug’s birth, it was discovered his legs were broken and he was diagnosed with Osteogenesis Imperfecta. By the time he was 12, he had been hospitalized at least 25 times for fractures or surgeries. Not letting these challenges get the best of him, he graduated from California State University, Northridge with a Bachelor of Arts Degree, majoring in Journalism with a minor in Political Science. After graduation he got an editing job with Windsor Publications. In 1996, he began work with the Access Center and moved to San Diego. In 1998, he joined New Mobility Magazine as a Senior Editor and Contributor. From 2005-09, he edited Kids on Wheels, New Mobility’s sister publication. Most recently, he wrote a novel, Reconquista, which won Best Unpublished Fiction in the 2011 San Diego Book Awards. His short fiction has appeared in The Belletrist Review, Kaleidoscope, Mindscapes Literary Magazine, and Palace Corbie. He was a skilled and passionate writer.”

Walter Meyer: Day Is Ending & Rounding Third

“A native of Pittsburgh, but now a San Diego resident, Walter G. Meyer says his writing career began when he won a short-story contest from the Atlantic Monthly when he was in the fourth grade. He turned pro when he started freelancing for the local newspaper when he was in high school. After a degree from the School of Journalism at Penn State, he went on to freelance for numerous newspapers and magazines including the Los Angeles Times Magazine, Kiplinger's Personal Finance,Out and the Orange County Register. In addition to his novel, Rounding Third, he has co-authored two books--Going for the Green: Selling in the21st Century and Day is Ending: a doctor's love shattered by Alzheimer's disease which has been optioned to possibly be a TV movie based on his script. The stage play that he co-wrote, GAM3RS, has been performed in the New York International Fringe Festival, at theaters across the country, and at colleges from MIT to UCSD.”

James Moxley: The Young Lover With a Destiny

Richard Taylor: The Duration

“The Duration is a short novel by Richard Taylor set on a fictional newspaper, "The Observer," in San Francisco during World War II. When Mark Hanson, Ph.D., was cleaning out his mother’s things after her death, he found the manuscript—Taylor was married to Hanson’s mother. Apparently Taylor had only sent the book out to one publisher, an unsolicited approach to Charles Scribner & Sons in 1964. It sat in it box, still in the brown paper wrapper in which it had been returned, unopened until 2009. Richard Taylor spent his whole life in newspapers. He was a correspondent for the "Los Angeles Times," during WWII and eventually became editor of "The Californian" in El Cajon. After Hanson found the manuscript, he asked his friend and colleague, writer Walter G. Meyer to take a look at it. Meyer made some minor edits and suggested they list it for sale. The manuscript is an interesting look at life for a 4-F reporter during World War II and life at newspapers in the 1940s.”

Chris Vannoy: A Strange Summer

"These pages contain magic in which observations of the day to day open the imagination to a dream world of feathers andclocks where oranges, pennies, and herbal tea are pregnant with meaning. Chris Vannoy is your tour guide to this surreal landscape, your shaman preparing you for your vision quest. I’ve heard Chris Vannoy’s words countless times and often wished I’d written them. Whenever I fear poetry’s dead, I go back to his poems and find his words arguing, panting, and loving, their faces flushed with passion on the page”

Kenneth Zak: The Poet's Secret

"Author Kenneth Zak is an aquatic nomad. Years ago, he shut down a successful law practice and embarked on a 3 year personal pilgrimage swimming, surfing, diving and writing around the world in search of a deeper awareness. He unleashed his full creative self in a mountaintop village in Crete where he began writing the poetry and narrative that became The Poet's Secret, continuing his quest in Bali, Costa Rica, Thailand, Cambodia and South America. Zak was born in Parma, Ohio and now resides in San Diego, California. The Poet's Secret is his debut novel."

J. Dylan Yates: The Belief in Angels

“Dylan's debut novel, was written over the course of many years while she attempted a number of BFA-related jobs, including: waitressing, teaching, corporate training, real estate, nursing, interior design, directing, acting, producing, parenting, library science and reluctant housewifery.”