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We are Burn All Books

A Studio and Small Press founded by Nick and Amanda Bernal. Weekday mornings we can be found working as book (and zine) sellers at Verbatim Books in North Park, San Diego, and in the evening you can hear us humming away at our riso in the back of the shop.

After helping Verbatim establish a venue for zine folx, comics ppl, and chapbooksters to sell their wares we fell in love with the idea of making risograph printing accessible to the creative community. We set out to create a resource for artists and activists to workshop and produce their media.

Burn All Books is an educational and practical resource serving both the greater San Diego and Tijuana areas. We are made possible with the support of Verbatim Books, who have donated their space behind the shelves, infinite knowledge and valuable time to this project. We would also like to thank Magic Item and TJZF for the donation of our GR3750 and Cynthia Navarro of Tiny Splendor for her support and advice.

We currently print on our main rig, a RP3100UI, using medium blue, bright red, orange, green, and black ink drums. We are hungry for more colors, more drums, more machines.